Insurance And Fees


Redmont Pediatrics accepts most major insurances including Alabama Medicaid. Please contact your insurance company to confirm we are participants within your insurance policy prior to your appointment. The child's parent/guardian is responsible for providing current, active insurance information to us for each visit, and please contact us with updates if there are changes in your insurance coverage or policy.

Most insurance companies allow nine well check-ups between birth and the age of two.  Beginning at age two, most insurances allow one wellness visit each year to the age of seven.  Then wellness visits are allowed once every 1 - 2 years for ages seven to thirty-five, depending upon your employer's contract with the insurance provider.   You need to be aware of your coverage before scheduling a well check-up for your child.

Parents of newborns have 30 days from the date of birth to add the new baby.  Depending upon your human resources department's requirements, you can either go online or fill  out the necessary paperwork to add the newborn with as much information as is available. Submit the application to your employer and/or insurance company when you arrive home from the hospital.  A copy of the birth certificate and the baby's Social Security number are required to complete the insurance application; however, if you wait until you have both of these items to start the process of adding the baby, it may exceed the 30 day time limit constraint.


Co-payments, non-covered services and any outstanding balances are due prior to being seen at each office visit.  We accept American Express, Discover , Mastercard, Visa, cash and checks as forms of payment.  If a check is returned, there is a $25.00 charge assessed to your account to cover the NSF fee charged to Redmont Pediatrics by the bank.

We ask for 48 hours notice to complete blue forms, school forms, camp forms and medication forms, at a cost of $5.00 each.  FMLA forms also require a 48 hour notice before pick-up and are completed for a charge of $25.00.

Our policy of calling the number you provide to us 24 hours prior to a wellness visit gives you the opportunity to cancel or reschedule these appointments.   If we do not hear from you the day before the visit and you are  unable to keep the appointment, you may be assessed a $25.00 charge for a non-cancellation fee.

Divorced Parents

In cases of divorce and /or separation, the person bringing the child in for services will be obligated to pay for any co-pays or balances that are due. The legal guardian and /or the person bringing the child in for services will be held responsible for paying any balance resulting from that visit. If legal documentation is presented that someone other than the legal guardian is financially responsible, and accurate billing information can be provided, we will attempt to bill that party. Ultimately, in the State of Alabama, both biological parents are responsible for debts incurred by their minor children.

You may use your MasterCard, Visa or Discover to charge current services or any outstanding balance on your account. For your convenience, credit card payments can be made via our website and Patient Portal.

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*Limited hours for sick appointments only - clinic rotates between Redmont Pediatrics and Over the Mountain Pediatrics (Office of Doctor on Call)

Outside of routine clinic hours, urgent calls will be routed to the Nurse Triage Line at Children's Hospital, the Doctor on call is available if needed.